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IMGP0723  Suzanne Burden was born and raised in Sept-Iles, Quebec, she now resides  in Peterborough, Ontario.  She began exploring painting in her early 20s, studying with Elizabeth Antila. After spending many years raising a family and working full time, Suzanne is now retired, and she is able to focus once again on her painting.

From 2009 to 2011, she studied with Anne-Marie Kornachuk at the Art School of Peterborough.  She is a member of the Art School of Peterborough where she attends workshops and a group studio painting regularly. Painting remains her priority and works at her art on a full time basis.

Her recent exhibitions include group exhibits at the Art School of Peterborough in 2010-11-12-13 and 14 and a solo exhibition, Reds, in Peterborough at the Tonic Hair Studio from November 25 to December 20, 2012.  She was represented by The Gallery in the Attic from May to October 2013. She participated in the juried group show, Series 5, at the Moniker Art Gallery in Toronto in October 2013 and The Artist Project at the Canadian Living Centre in Toronto from February 20 to 23, 2014. The ArtExpo took her to New York City in April 2014 for a fantastic 3 days of exhibition. More recently, November 8 to December 8, 2014, she participated in a group show, The Originals, at the Art School of Peterborough Art Space. In 2015, her work was shown at the Montreal International Design Show. Suzanne is busy painting commission work and experimenting in different styles.  




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  1. Hi, really like the appearance of ones website. Can you mind saying what theme youre making use of? I’m not used to this and i am hoping to have mine looking anywhere close to cool as yours. Many thanks.

    • Hi, I really don’t remember the name, just know it was from WordPress. Sorry I could not be more helpful. Thanks for visiting.

  2. Bonjour Suzanne,

    Nous avons regardé ton site et nous te confirmons hors de tout doute que tu as un talent incroyable, ton site est magnifique (quelle bonne idée ce site!) et ta photo est superbe.

    À quand le vernissage… tu vas rendre jaloux plusieurs professionnels .

    Gros calins XX

    Luc et Anna

    • J’espere avoir un vernissage a l’automne. J’ai 14 pieces et j’aimerais en avoir environ 25, donc encore un peu de travail a faire. Si non a l’automne au debut de l’an prochain. Peut etre meme que je pourrai en avoir un au Quebec. Un ami d’Amos veut que j’aie un vernissage a Amos aussi. Merci de votre interet et encouragement. XOXOXO

  3. Non mais tu es vraiment une artiste.  Tu m'impressionnes au bout.  Je t'envie beaucoup.  Bravo !

  4. BEAUTY   This is lovely to see.  You are so talented.  A pleasure to see that you are painting again.  

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