(Artist Statement)

Red symbolizes guilt, sin, passion, anger, love, beauty among a multitude of other attributes. Red suggests glamour, classic, erotic, dramatic and sporty. It catches people’s attention either positively or negatively. Red creates the strongest reactions among the colours. One of my favourite colours, it creates conflicts within me between my senses and my self-confidence. This collection of paintings was born from a desire to imagine myself in a world where red is admired and accepted for only its beauty while exhibiting its spirit and its purpose for the emotions, senses, and feelings.

7 thoughts on “REDS”

    • WOW merci beaucoup Yolande, tu es tres genereuse avec tes encouragements; je ne crois pas incroyable, mais bien. Merci encore.

  1. soyez les premiers a investir dans les oeuvres de cette artiste car elle est vouée a un brillant avenir avec son talent exceptionnel ! be sure to be the first lucky investors to buy the paints of this talented artist as she will have a brillant future !

    • Thank you so much Jean-Pier, your faith in me is a fortune and I shall remain humble. Thank you so much for your encouragement.

  2. Je me sens très choyée de posséder une peinture d’une telle artiste ! Tes toiles sont un délice pour les yeux Suzanne. XxX

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