Artist Statement



Red symbolizes guilt, sin, passion, anger, love and beauty among a multitude of other attributes.  Red suggests glamour, classic, erotic, dramatic and sporty.  It catches people’s attention both, positively and negatively.  Red produces strong reactions among the many colours.  One of my favourite colours, it creates conflicts within me between my emotions and my self-confidence.  My paintings are created with the desire to imagine myself in a world where red is admired and accepted for only its beauty without judgment while exhibiting, for the viewer, its spirit and its purpose for the emotions, senses, and feelings.  


As a conservative and romantic person, I always wished I could be bold, exotic and dramatic.  My personal journey of the past few years creating my work involved fantasizing about this other person I wish I could be while searching for, stumbling upon or creating imagery I find inspiring, romantic and sensuous as well as bold and exotic. The point of departure is the colour red and subjects I extract from my own photos to incorporate in different environments or isolate intimately . Using the boldness of the colour and my own personal sentiments, I use red to speak about intense emotions, beauty and sensuality. My intention is to honour the beauty of my subjects by working in a realistic and often intimate manner, using rich bold colours without losing my goal of creating serene, calm and peaceful art.


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